Key West Vacation Rental

Key West Vacation Rental

Key West Vacation RentalThe way the world works now, planning your own vacation as an independent traveler is made way easy. Flights? Many airlines offer cheap flights and discount air tickets to Key West International Airport and the rest of the Florida Keys. Accommodations? Not a problem. Key West vacation rentals are popular more than ever – not only because independent travelers largely prefer them but also because extended families find great value in them.


But with so many Key West vacation rental to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Check below for some tips and tricks to the perfect vacation by staying at a place you can truly call your own.


Getting Started

 You already have a destination in mind – Key West – so the next step is to see what’s available in the area. For Key West vacation rentals, your best bet would be to call the Florida State Chamber of Commerce. If you don’t know the number, get it from the state tourist office. The Chamber will have a listing of local realtors who handle Key West vacation rentals. Ask them to fax you a copy of the listing. Or if not, ask them for some suggestions on good online resources that you can check yourself.


Now, you might ask why you have to go through the Chamber. Why not do the online search yourself, google out the whole thing and get results instantly? For the simple reason that many lovely Key West vacation rentals are listed exclusively with a realtor and the only way for you to see them is if you contact the realtor yourself. Not many realtors have their own working websites on which they advertise their Key West vacation rental listings, so you’d have to be a bit more resourceful than just plain net-savvy.


Start Early

 When you do decide to get a Key West vacation rental for your next trip to the Keys, it is important that you start your search early. Many people actually begin planning their summer vacations during the holidays. While you don’t have to plan your trip that early, you can perhaps start as early as right after the holidays to give you enough time to choose Key West vacation rentals that are to your taste.


One advantage to starting early, aside from the obvious one, is that many of those who use vacation rentals are loyalists – meaning, they come back to the same vacation rental again and again every season. So if you want a wider selection of Key West vacation rentals to choose from, start your search early and book in advance.


Following these two tips won’t get you the perfect vacation, but they do help you find the vacation rental that is just right for you – your taste, personality, and preference.

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