Key West Light Tackle Fishing

Key West Light Tackle Fishing. Many anglers shy away from using light tackle fishing. Maybe it’s because of the common misconception that these “toy tackles” only catches small fishes. But what they don’t know is its advantages over heavier tackles. More regularly even, such diminutive tackle and lures and the special techniques required of them will catch more fish than their heavy-duty counterparts.  And light tackle fishing don’t just catch small fish! More often, these diminutive baits draw those big fishes, and the skillful in light tackle fishing can always catch these clunkers on a light tackle.

Key West Light Tackle Fishing

If you’re heading to Florida for Key West fishing then you probably heard how good it is to fish in Florida. It’s the truth; seldom does a place cater to so many game fishes than Florida Keys. Even with scores of anglers and fishermen, Key West’s marine habitat seems capable of maintaining its cycle. There are always fishes for everyone.


But have you heard of Key West light tackle fishing? Yes, Key West provides the best opportunity for light tackle fishing. Be it a Tuna (quite abundant in the Key West) or a grouper (abundant on the flats), Key West light tackle fishing is a sport indeed to be played.


Considering for your Key West Light Tackle Fishing


So how do you prepare for your Key West light tackle fishing adventure? Think carefully and assess the situation. If you hook an extraordinary large fish on a light tackle, chase the fish to gain back some line if necessary. So ultimately, light tackle fishing is nice for open area without too many anglers about, or any structures that can entangle your line. On the other hand, don’t join a crowed area. Situations like these will only lead to tangle ups, broken lines and frustration for yourself and anyone near you.


Rocky pinnacles, reefs or wrecks may be a headache for your Key West light tackle fishing but actually this is the best situation since most fishes like the grouper can be found here. And groupers provide challenging game. So is the famed tarpon. If you hook a fish that takes you deep into some jagged structure, you won’t be able to horse the fish out like you might be able to do with heavier tackle. So consider the lines your using too, especially when fishing on some areas. And it’s best to drift fish, if the situation allows.


The Sport of Key West Light Tackle Fishing


Key West light tackle fishing is a sport of deduction and patience. Learn when to attempt a land and to provide a slack. Because with these light tackles, fishes have a fighting chance, so wear them down carefully before attempting to land them. Deduction and patience, that is why they are the key element in a successful Key West light tackle fishing.


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