Key West Florida Vacation

Key West Florida Vacation. Vacations are wonderful opportunity to relax, enjoy life, and just “get away from it all.” Destinations like Key West, Florida are especially great places to visit during spring break or even summer when Florida’s warm beaches and sun invite visitors from around the world to soak up in its tropical glow.

But as great as a Key West Florida vacation is, you can’t enjoy the best of it if you limit your choices because of budget concerns. So here are a few Key West Florida vacation tips to help you s t r e t c h your budget.

Plan Your Own Key West Florida Vacation

Gone are the days where tourists have to rely on tour companies or travel agents in order to go on a decent Key West Florida vacation. With the increasing popularity of the Internet, people are now taking the initiative in planning their own vacations. And they do this with good reason: Many hotels and airlines offer additional discounts and specials if you book your vacation online. So why not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to travel in style but not necessarily over-budget?

Get a Rental Car

You might be thinking: Rent a car? Are you nuts? Isn’t that even more expensive?

Renting cars while on a Key West Florida vacation only sounds expensive. But in reality, this option can actually save you some travel dollars. Just think about it. Many airport shuttles cost more than that of a modest rental car. Now, consider the added advantage that with a rental car you have transportation available any time of the day.

Now, you might ask: Why not just bring my own car?

The reason is that with a rental car, you can travel to destinations located farther away without the added expense of wear and tear you’d have to handle if you were driving your own car.

Save on Food

Believe it or not, food is one of the largest expenses you’ll be facing with when on a Key West Florida vacation. If you cut back on food expenses, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save from vacation expenses. If you are traveling with your family, choose restaurants that serve free foods or split meals for kids. This can mean enormous savings for you. Also, try not to eat in fine dining restaurants every meal. Instead, eat lunch in your hotel. Remember to bring peanut butter, sandwiches, chips, and fresh fruit for this option to work.

Many people know that coupons can save you money, but very few take advantage of them. Why so? Well, whatever their reasons are, don’t make the same mistake. Whether it’s accommodation, food, or attractions, coupons can save you money on your Key West Florida vacation.


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