Key West Fishing Guides

Key West Fishing GuidesKey West Fishing Guides. Key West truly deserves the reputation as one of the best fishing spots in the world. Why? Because Key West rare combination of deep sea, wrecks, reef, backcountry, estuaries and flats makes it one of the finest marine habitat in the world.


When it comes to fishing, always head to the temperate waters of Key West. Where the Atlantic meets the Gulf, you’ll also find Tarpons, Wahoos, Sailfishes, Tunas, Cobias, Dolphins, Sharks and much, much more. Believe me, if you’re half decent with a rod and reel and tackle, almost guaranteed you’ll never end the day without weighing a single fish. It takes a mighty bad luck to head back without souvenir pictures of you cradling your catches for the day.


But if your luck’s in a funk or if fishes can seemingly just sniff away from you, then maybe you need some Key West Fishing Guide. Honestly, I always spend time at fishing so I get some Key West fishing guide whenever I can. So, do you need help? Here are a couple of Key West fishing guides you can ask for help.


Capt. Steven Lamp and the Dream Catchers Charter

Capt. Steven Lamp is a veteran professional Key West Fishing Guide. This IGFA Certified Captain can help you on fishing for the flats, back country, and near-shore waters of Key West in the Florida Keys. Contact the qualified captain in his office 1-888-362-3474 or email him


Capt. Lenny and the BoneFishingKeyWest

Capt. Leonard Lenny is a fully licensed and insured captain and guide. He’s been fishing the Key West waters all his life. Fishing for years gives one the upper hand on where to look. No experience required, Capt Lenny is keen to teach with a smile, all levels of fishing and or fly fishing. Contact the eager captain in his office 305-304-0154 or email him at


Capt. Craig Eubank and Mr. Z

Captain Craig Eubank has been a captain in Key West since 1986. He has spent years fishing the waters off Key West, the Marquesas Keys, the Dry Tortugas and Captain Craig’s most recent win was with ‘Mr. Z’ in November of 2002. He received top honors with the largest Wahoo caught and 2nd Place overall in the Hemingway Wahoo Tournament in Habana, Cuba. All in all, Capt. Craig Eubank is definitely a Key West Fishing Guide that you can vouch for. Contact the winning captain in his office 305-296-0910 or email him at


Summary: If your luck’s in a funk or if fishes can seemingly just sniff away from you, maybe you need a Key West Fishing Guide

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